Sunday, November 8, 2015

Literacy with an Attitude Hyperlinks/ Quotes

I really had trouble connecting with the text this week so extracting a lot of information was hard. I pulled some quotes that I thought made an impact on me and I found some other articles that I thought enhanced the quotes I picked.

Finn's piece is about the differences in literacy between the social classes. He discusses the two different kinds of education that students receive based on their social class. 

     "First, there is empowering education, which leads to powerful literacy, the kind of literacy that leads to positions of power and authority. Second, there is domesticating education, which leads to functional literacy, literacy that makes a person productive and dependable, but not troublesome."

Then a couple of paragraphs down, Finn says who benefits from each type of education. 

"When rich children get empowering education nothing changes.
But when working-class children get empowering education you get literacy with an attitude. "

This is the sentence where Finn got his idea for his title. 

"Over time, political, social, and economic forces have brought us to a place where the working class (and to a surprising degree, the middle class) gets domesticating education and functional literacy, and the rich get empowering education and powerful literacy. We don't worry about a literate working class because the kind of literacy they get doesn't make
them dangerous."

Finn talks about social Change only being possible by those who would benefit from it.

The statistics that show how people in poverty are less literate then those people in the middle and upper classes are astounding. 

This article is about "Growing Demand, Dwindling Resources


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