Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shor Empowering Education Reflection

    School and Politics go hand and hand according to this article. Without politics, there would be little to no funding for schools. They would not have the resources they needed to continue. There are actually many programs and schools strictly for Politics. Politics control everything. It is all about "who you know". This not only applies to the schools but also to other institutions. 

    My dad is a providence firefighter and recently they had their contract violated- or as the mayor says, it was never valid to begin with. They now have to work 15 more hours a week for no pay because the mayor says that the Firefighters are the ones who are going to bankrupt the city. The politicians- not all, but most, are corrupt and support the mayor because it means that they are not going to lose any money. My dad is going to be lucky to get the benefits of the pension that he has worked 24 years for. (rant over)
    So, back to the article. Politics has a favorite. They are the schools that are going to benefit the politicians themselves. The richy-rich schools are the most beneficial. They are the ones who "produce "To educate is to adapt the child to an adult social environment"
     Yes, better resources and funding helps schools produce better environments for their students to learn in. Yes, they can probably hire more "qualified" teachers and educators. But more money also produces a greed. I'm not saying that all teachers who work in higher funded schools are only there for the money but some are. And in the same breathe, those teachers who work in underfunded schools aren't better then those who work in upper class school.
    So far, I've only discussed the money aspect if this article. But I know there is a whole lot more to this article. The  curriculum is based on politics which is a big problem. With the politicians controlling what the teachers teach, the students only learn what the politicians want them to learn. This creates a very  narrow minded curriculum. 
    With a narrow minded curriculum, there comes narrow minded students who grow up to be narrow minded adults. Some of these students become politicians who keep pushing their one way ideas. Some become teachers who either continue to teach the narrow mindedness or they push against that glass and they don't take the path of least resistance. 


  1. Hi Jaci, I really like your post this week, especially the last paragraph.

  2. I love that first picture you used, very powerful

  3. I really liked your blog post. You are so right when you spoke about politicians control over what teachers are teaching and the effect it has on the students. Great Job!